I have a question..

I heard your “Hey Monica” ad on Nova today, and I’m wondering if you can help by answering some of my finance questions..


Hey, I'm Monica.

I’m the South Australian award-winning home and car loan specialist that you want on your team.

I’ve worked with hundreds of South Australian clients to help them reach their financial goals through solution-driven finance.

The best part is, I work for you, not for the banks so my job is to find the best possible solution and bring your vision to life.


hey monica

How can you help?

I have some questions about finance and how I can achieve some of my financial goals. Can you help me with things like:


I have a question..

Do you have questions you want answered by a trusted professional? Ask Monica all of your top finance questions including how much you can borrow, if you can refinance an existing loan or how to buy your first home.


Good question! There is a an eligibility checklist on the website and we can also run through this when we meet. Hit the Ask Monica button for more information on how I can help you.

Good question. Yes it will reduce your borrowing capacity. A car loan is a short term loan with higher repayments and your repayment will need to be deducted from your available income before calculating your borrowing capacity. 

Great question! First goal would be to aim for 5% genuine savings. Meaning 5% of the purchase price of what you are looking to buy, and then you will need to save approximately another 5-7% for the costs of buying a house (Government fees like Stamp Duty etc).

Good question.
The four steps include the following:
1. Print 3 months of your bank statements for your spending account and document what you are spending. Get financially fit, this is a team sport just like any other sport. It takes practice and nurturing.
2. Look after your bank accounts and make sure you don’t go overdrawn.
3. Consider what your credit file may look like and perhaps order a copy if you think you may have had an issue in the past.
4. Set a regular amount to save each pay and stick to it. Consistency and discipline is the key.

The agent will ask you to pay the deposit, once the contract is signed by both parties, and after the 2 business day cooling off

Yes absolutely, if you have been with the same employer. We would need to determine your borrowing capacity and if this meets your expectations of what you could buy.

If the loan on your first property has reduced below 80% of the value of the property, there may be some equity that you can use as a deposit for your next property. I would allow 2-5 weeks as your property will need to be revalued and an application
prepared, and all lenders have different turnaround times and these do change.

Yes this is possible but we would need to use a lender that has a very short turnaround time.


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Thank you so much to Monica who helped me bring my dream project to life! I’m thrilled to now have a beautiful Air BNB to call my own. Your knowledge and professionalism in this industry is amazing. 

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Dealing with Monica was so easy and I found her knowledge and experience so helpful in the process of buying my first investment property. I’m now looking at buying another with the equity!

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Monica was super helpful in answering all of our questions and finding the best possible solution to meet our growing family’s needs. We highly recommend her if you’re looking for a smart & savvy broker!

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